How to Watch and Stream the 2020 Presidential Election

(ATLANTA – October 29, 2020) – Election time! The voting season is always both exciting and daunting, and no moment is more exciting or heart-wrenching than election night itself. So how has election night viewing changed over the years? And how can one watch election night without having to worry about any technical interruptions?


How to Stream Election Night

  1. Good ol’ Television
  2. Social Media
  3. Online


Good Ol’ Television

Channels such as CBS News, NBC, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Showtime, and even Comedy Central provide real-time updates and analysis throughout the night. The standard nowadays is certainly TV. Dozens of major news outlets will provide hours-long analysis on the election, ensuring that anyone that desires to can stick around until the end of the night. News networks are often left running all night, much like at a super bowl party, serving as a constant reminder of the accessibility that streaming TV provides to everyone. But there are other ways to watch election night!


Social Media

Social media and other online platforms (livestreams and news websites, for example) serve as mostly supplementary to television for viewers of the election, though trends are favoring the digital world. In fact, television is still the preferred mode of viewing election night, especially for older generations (1). Still, social media provides a beneficial means to quickly and consistently check in on the most recent updates. There will certainly be many people who are busy that night, and so always having access to updates through just the click of one’s phone is extremely useful. And don’t forget – there are TV everywhere apps that are also available so that election night can even be livestreamed straight to one’s phone.

As a quick note, double check to ensure your internet is fairly strong, your TV or electronic device is working, and that you have a backup plan in case something goes wrong with connection.



If you are at a place where sound and noise may have to be kept to a minimum, no worries! Traditional news reading websites will provide a lot of up-to-date information on major updates. In addition, radio, livestreams, and other online means are available to whatever one’s heart desires.


Election Night and Debate Viewing History

First, think about how the public kept up with politics in the old days; radio, word-of-mouth, newspapers, and mere speculation dominated the landscape. Nowadays, TV, social media, and other online platforms help to make the presidential election more accessible to everyone across the nation. With modern technology, the options to watch election night are endless. More is simply better, thanks to streaming TV and other technological progress.

The first televised presidential debate was in 1956. Even more surprising, the debate was between two women – former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Maine senator Margaret Chase Smith (for some more history about the first televised debate, see link 2 at the end of this article). Four years later, Adlai Stevenson and Dwight Eisenhower would debate one another. It was this debate that helped jumpstart the covering of politics through television, and eventually streaming TV and the dozens of other ways to keep up with politics.

In conclusion, streaming TV, social media, and other online platforms provide innumerable ways to watch election night, whether you are occupied with other matters or not. Lastly, enjoy the moment! Election season doesn’t happen every year so enjoy it while it lasts.





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