How to Make the Most of Streaming TV During Covid

How to Make the Most of Streaming TV During Covid


(ATLANTA – October 20, 2020) – Everyone is tired of the pandemic. And so, naturally, everyone flocks to their TVs in order to escape the grave reality and hinderance Covid-19 brings upon us all. But how can streaming TV help to address the problem of feeling isolated that comes with social distancing? And how can streaming TV be used in such a way that promotes social and emotional well-being?

There are more or less 3 foundational characteristics of streaming TV that allows us to make the most of streaming TV during Covid:

  • More is better: A mix of live and on demand content provide near-infinite opportunities to occupy oneself (thus curing the previously incurable condition of boredom).
  • United in isolation: Social TV brings us together.
  • Accessibility: Streaming is available on nearly any device.

Everyone knows that cable is becoming more of a burden than streaming TV. After all, streaming TV simply offers more than cable; the cord cutting revolution is not only happening right now – it is dramatically accelerating because of the pandemic.


More is Better

For quite a while, live sports showings, talk shows, reality shows, etc. were shut down. Traditional TV networks and cable had nowhere to turn to. Now, consumers of TV – whether regular or not – are able to utilize streaming TV so that they can watch what they want, when they want without many restraints. The daily life of an average joe was shaped by their school or work schedules, their rhythmic routines.


With Covid, work schedules are not nearly as strict as before the virus came, thus allowing people to flip a switch, to press a button to catch up instantly on their favorite shows. Streaming TV has quickly become the only way to watch TV, because, simply put, more is better.


United in Covid Isolation

Perhaps to no surprise, Time magazine reported that “Netflix gained nearly 16 million subscribers” during the rise of the pandemic (1). 16 million in just a few months! That’s almost the entire population of the state of New York! If these new 16 million members of Netflix decided to form the 51st state in the United States (aptly titling their state “Netfixed”), they would be the 5th largest state in the Union!


Netflix (and other streaming services that have followed suit) have gained a global audience and positive public perception directly because of its many benefits over cable. But, without diving too much into the war between cable and streaming TV, the train of endless streaming content is unstoppable (and yes, that is a reference to the Denzel Washington and Chris Pine movie – a must-watch and perfect use of your bingeworthy time).


The rise of streaming TV will inevitably lead to streaming innovation and expansion. Vidgo, an up-and-coming streaming service that provides both live service and on-demand content through TV Everywhere, playback, and timeshift, for example, offers a social TV feature. Social TV allows anyone to watch their favorite shows in real time with their friends, family, or similarly interested people! In addition, social TV allows the creation of “Hangs” to create a dedicated space to have a watch party, in which users can share gifs, memes, polls, or photos/videos with others.


Of course, social TV is but one of the many innovations that will come forward as streaming TV is propelled further into the deep, unknown regions of the potentialities of watching whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want.



It is the case nowadays that, ironically, you don’t have to own a TV in order to watch TV. Most streaming TV services enable users to take advantage of watching TV through one’s desktop/laptop (through web players and applications), mobile phone/device, and casting (through Apple’s Airplay or Google’s Chromecast). Ease of access to streaming TV services means you can take your TV anywhere with you – all you need is an internet connection, a device to use, and a service to provide the channels.


There are even TV Everywhere apps, which enable users to take advantage of a particular service’s channel lists. Vidgo users (for example), can download and watch on demand content with their login credentials through channel network apps, such as ESPN, Hallmark, FXNOW, etc. The sky truly is the limit with regards to accessibility and the amount of content available to users of streaming TV services.


Don’t Forget: Local Channels Won’t be Leaving Soon

All the points made in this article is not to say that streaming TV is the end-all and be-all. In fact, not many streaming services have gotten a grip on how to support local TV channels outside of traditional means of cable.


A published poll by Gallup this past May shows that the notion for financial relief aid for local news (including newspapers and local news networks) is supported – though not as much as small businesses – by a majority of Americans (2). A likely concern that many that have yet to become cord-cutters share is over the fear of not having local channels supported by any streaming service. But such is not the case! As another example, Vidgo snugly bridges the gap between cord-cutting and cable devotees by offering a mix of on demand, streaming content (in addition to a substitution for DVR in the form of playback and timeshift) and live TV.


Streaming Beauty

Conclusively, an even greater awakening to the beauty of streaming TV, sparked by the isolation caused by Covid-19, occurred during the first quarter of 2020. By utilizing the features of streaming TV (such as the impressive amount of on demand and live content readily available, social TV, and accessibility), users can maximize their enjoyment during dreary times. The kiss of the cord-cutter awakens streaming beauty!




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